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New sculpture with video - Meer-col - Sculpture Welding [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Fun With Metal! Welding is Fundemental!

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New sculpture with video - Meer-col [Dec. 9th, 2013|08:51 pm]
Fun With Metal! Welding is Fundemental!


Another one already! A friend alerted me to a call for art at the mayor's office. Sounded like a good opportunity, but I only had a few days to get the initial piece constructed. Normally I do this sort of work in a few months. Now, there was no guarantee that I'd get accepted, but I still just had to try to see what I could possibly do with such a close deadline. It took every minute of a weekend one regular weeknight and one literal all-nighter, but I got it done! In the following two or three weeks while I waited on submission results I kept working on it to get all the kinks out, which included removing one section entirely and doing it all over again. That part, the coil, turned out to be far harder than I'd imagined, but the whole thing works quite well now and is hanging in the mayor's office!

Tech details: All TIG, all stainless, 1/8" rod for track, 1/4" tubing for the frame, 1/4" rod for the legs of the frame, a mix of both autogenous and welds with fill. I did have a curiously tough time getting that frame together. I was using some spare 304 stainless for it, and it sputtered and popped badly. Any thoughts on that are appreciated. Oh, and the marbles are 1".

Enough of the details. You want to see it do all the fun stuff! So: