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Fun With Metal! Welding is Fundemental!

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How-to video: Welding rolling ball sculpture [Apr. 10th, 2014|07:28 pm]
Fun With Metal! Welding is Fundemental!


I know there hasn't been much activity around here in a long time, but this is the perfect place for me to post this video. There really aren't many/any videos on some of the particular techniques a person needs to build the sort of sculpture that I build. Rolling ball sculpture has some specific needs and requirements, and I wanted to help some folks who were trying to get a handle on these sorts of things. Below is a video I created to address the most basic of necessities for welding: the butt weld. Yes, not glamorous, but something you need all the time! Hope this helps out a few people who are just getting started. I had to figure out all of this by going to ten or twenty or fifty sources and assembling all of it myself. You? You get one video! Sweet!


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