Sculpture Welding

A Community for those interested in Sculpture Welding/Playing with Metal

Fun With Metal! Welding is Fundemental!
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This is a community for those who create or are interested in sculpture welding, playing with metal, casting metal, found art with metal and other 3D art with metal (notice a theme here, eh?). Feel free to ask question, post pictures and so forth. All forms of metalworking are quite welcome, Sculpture_weld as a title happened to be the first thing that came to mind. Please feel free to discuss/post about any metal projects.

Personal - I've taken oxy-acetelyne classes and full sculpture welding classes at Portland Community College and really enjoyed them. Work with oxy, arc, MIG and TIG as well as plasma cutting and oxy cutting. I have an oxy set at home that is my primary rig. I keep my regular page at flamingatheist.